Check in with Spine Institute Northwest Patient Irma Stennes - Now 92 Years Young!

Relief from nagging, chronic back pain can be achieved, even for some patients in their ninth decade of life. Elderly people who are in good general health can now experience life-changing freedom from spinal pain with the assistance of Sol Kamson MD, of the Spine Institute Northwest, located in Tacoma, Washington.

Eighty-nine-year-old Irma Stennes thanked Dr. Kamson for providing her with a renewed vigor to once again have the ability to pursue her love of gardening and yard work around the home. In fact, in anticipation of her 90th birthday bash, she was working on growing flowers in her greenhouse to celebrate the occasion with rooms full of floral displays. Irma found what she was hoping would solve her painful symptoms when other physicians were not willing to treat her because of her age, although at that time she was a very youthful 89-year-old and in good general health. She finally discovered Dr. Sol Kamson of Spine Institute Northwest, who met with Irma and cleared her for laser spine surgery, a minimally invasive technique that had Irma back to her favorite hobby in time for her upcoming birthday party.

Lumbar Interbody Fusion and Facet Fixation

Dr. Kamson performed a minimally invasive lumbar facet fusion on Irma to stabilize the joints that were giving her pain. This safe, endoscopic-assisted surgery is a wonderful alternative to open back surgery, which can be more risky, especially on a patient who is elderly. Dr. Kamson specializes in these types of lumbar fusions due to their high rates of success, quick recovery rates, and lessened pain for his patients.

At Spine Institute Northwest, Sol Kamson MD utilizes a facet screw system, small incisions, neuro-monitoring, and guidance with a fluoroscope during surgery. A dilator is placed between the patient's muscles to lessen nerve and muscle irritation as the spine is stabilized and aligned. A bone graft is used to fuse the spine, with screws and tiny rods to keep the site intact and solid. There is no cutting of the back muscles, letting patients feel less post-surgical pain and enabling them to recover in weeks rather than months.

Irma Stennes is now 92 years young and thrilled with the relief and new lease on life that Dr. Kamson provided for her.

About Solomon Kamson MD PhD, Spine Institute Northwest

Dr. Kamson has been a visiting Professor at Central-South University in Changsha, China and is currently on the teaching faculty at the American Academy of Minimally Invasive Spine Medicine & Surgery. He is especially interested in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine conditions. He has conducted clinical research and teaches minimally invasive spinal procedures to other physicians.

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